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Dental & Medical Treatments

Oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is one of the most common, but yet one of the most important procedures of dental care

Cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic sealing is one of the most common procedures of cosmetic dentistry which is for patients who are seeking an obvious change in their smile.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure and safest teeth whitening is with the dentist or hygienist in the clinic

Aesthetic Filling

A beautiful, even white smile is what we all wish for. Modern dentistry focuses on the aesthetic enhancement of a smile and offers a wide range of options to improve it without the need for complicated surgical procedures.

Dental Implants

City Clinic collaborates with the world’s leading dental implants manufacturers – Switzerland’s company STRAUMANN and South Korea’s company MEGA’GEN.

Dental Crowns

Taking decent care of oral health matters to all of those who pays attention to their health in general.


We all want to show off out best smile, and rest assured that our oral cavity is healthy.


Taking care of one‘s health involves the need to discuss various health issues with certain doctors.


Consultations, Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs, Blood and urine laboratory tests.

Laboratory tests

Full Blood Count (FBC), Heart disease, Liver Function Tests, Smear test (PAP)