Dental Implants

City Clinic collaborates with the world’s leading dental implants manufacturers – Switzerland’s company STRAUMANN and South Korea’s company MEGA’GEN.

Our dental surgeon is actively collaborating with representors of both previously mentioned companies therefore he is well acquainted with their latest products and technological progress. Doctor improves his professional skills by constantly taking part in seminars and trainings held with both companies.

Due to this close partnership we can offer our patients the most advanced dental implants in the world for a reasonable price and ensure the quality and safety of the provided service.

STRAUMANN dental implants

STRAUMANN is Switzerland‘s company which takes a leading position among dental implants manufacturers across the world and is considered to be the flagman of advancement in this field. It is the top choice of patients and doctors all over the world.

Independent studies showed that STRAUMANN dental implants have the highest rate of inclining and are extremely well tolerated by patients‘ organisms. These indicators are determined by the material dental implants are made of – it is titanium and zirconium alloys if to be specific, as well as the surface of an implant, its shape and conjunction with a dental crown.

Company also has announced International Lifetime Guarantee Agreement which points out if STRAUMANN dental implant or prosthetic detail has been removed, company’s nearest department will provide to a patient’s doctor new implant or detail for free. That means delivered product of STRAUMANN will cost nothing to the patient.

This is a way of the company ensuring care and security to their patients and clients. No matter where they are and how many years have passed after the procedure they will be taken care of.

Due to the direct partnership with STRAUMANN we can provide this guarantee to our patients as well!

For more information about STRAUMANN‘s experience, products and their advantages visit company‘s website 

STRAUMANN dental implants

MEGA‘GEN – is a well-known dental implants manufacturer brand trusted by patients and doctors across the globe.

Company offers dental implants which are made of pure and the toughest attributable to 4th class titanium. In order to ensure the quality of the product the company performs rigorous inspections at all stages of production – from selecting the material to final result.

Precise attention to the quality of produced products, improvement of technologies and improvement professional skills of doctors who are working with the company‘s products – it is MEGA‘GEN commitment ensuring durability of its‘ products. This commitment is confirmed with original implant pass which is given to a patient after implantation procedure. This pass certificates Lifetime Guarantee for MEGA‘GEN products.

Our patients who choose MEGA‘GEN products can rest assured that they will receive dental implants of high quality for a reasonable price as company its self follows the provision that dental implants are more than likely the necessity not a luxury goods for most of the patients.

For more information about MEGA‘GEN‘s experience, products and their advantages visit company‘s website